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Through the years we have visited so many unique and picturesque locations. Often we have noticed that our standard designs were not the best option - as they could not necessarily expose the beauty of the landscape, for example. This led us to developing our "bespoke" designing service. With architects in the team we can share our best ideas (for both exterior and interior design).
We always strive to achieve quality to the NTH degree.

To see some of our bespoke-designed buildings, please visit our gallery.

Building Planning

Usually the customer comes with some background information, some design examples (or even a simple draft made by himself / herself), and that is where we begin our work.
We always look to visit the site in order to best understand the location, landscape, and natural conditions. All of these aspects are so important when designing a structure. We always look to achieve the very best quality possible, and try to ensure it is completely suitable for the prevailing weather conditions (all year round). Only then can we say that we have created a "bespoke" design, which best suits both the location, and customer's needs. 

If you are looking for building in a special and unique location then we recommend that you seriously consider our bespoke design service - rather than limiting yourself to standard solutions.

We ask that you contact us to discuss what is the best, and most appropriate route forward.

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