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Our designing principles

When we design our buildings, there are a few main aspects which we always follow. Let me explain each of them.

1. Function. The building must be practical and comfortable to be used any time. No matter if it's a sunny day, is it raining or wind is blowing, our buildings can be used when it's needed. Tiny structures must be created carefully with the best usage of inside space. We don't like long and wide corridors, always think about furniture and what is the best place for it, windows and doors are also placed in the building thoughtfully. We like adding covered terraces to our buildings because we want to give people chance to stay outside even if the weather is not quite nice.

2. Architecture. It is very important to know where the building will be constructed, what is the local architecture, what materials are traditionally used. Of course, we can't create some new architecture examples with log cabins but designing timber frame buildings, we follow universal good architecture principles - durability, utility and beauty.

3. Sustainability. We have chosen timber because it is the only one renewable construction material. Insulated timber frame buildings need less energy for heating, designs are friendly for solar batteries and big windows let more natural light inside.

Even smallest buildings are created with respect to nature, environment and architecture principles. And like that small buildings become big buildings.

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