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Timber frame walls - what we offer

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The history of timber-framed construction technology began in the most distant past. The first manually built homes were nothing else but timber-framed houses. They were known to people in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China.

Timber-framed homes are still popular today. Affordability, energy efficiency, and low construction costs are the characteristics that are attractive to many people around the world.

Timber-framed walls are assembled from prefabricated elements. Foundation is damp-proofed, and the lower course of timber frame is positioned onto it. Then posts are positioned and reinforced with beams. After that, an upper course of timber frame is position. Timber-framed houses are light, so no massive foundation is required. Usually, all elements of a frame are made from timber beams. They are connected using finger jointing, staples, steel strips, etc. Ceiling beams and rafters are supported onto an upper course.

These are the standard walls for our timber frame buildings:

Exterior wall for residential houses.

Exterior wall for higly insulated energy efficient houses.

Exterior wall for garden offices and other small timber frame cabins.

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