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Modern small two bedroom house. The entrance is moved inside so a small roof above the doors are partly hidden from the rain or snow. This model was carefully developed with the attention to its future usage. Pitched roof creates high space inside. Big windows let lots of daylight into the house and create cosy ambience while enjoying the view to the surroundings. Open plan kitchen is big enough to place small bar as extra space for the cooking. 
The building has everything what is needed for everyday life including kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe close to the entrance and two bedrooms. The building is suitable for the family with 2-4 members.

Building is prefabricated and delivered as panel kit. All our timber frame buildings are fully insulated and air tight so high energy efficiency is guaranteed. 
We provide installation services as well and can construct you a turn key building. See our latest works here.

Total size: 13.30 m x 6.51 m.
Total internal surface: 65.36 m².

Load bearing timber frame/insulation: 145/150 mm or 195/200 mm (depends on specific needs).
We offer different exterior finishing options: timber cladding/metal sheets/composite cladding/plaster
Roof cover: EPDM/slates


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