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It is a small house where you surprisingly can find everything what you need for you or your family. House has two bedrooms half separated kitchen, living room, and spacious bathroom. As the house is higher than usual residential houses, it is possible to make a beautiful attic or even have additional bedroom upstairs. Don't stop your imagination and you will have amazing interior space.​

More information on request. 


Building is prefabricated and delivered as panel kit. All our timber frame buildings are fully insulated and air tight so high energy efficiency is guaranteed. We provide installation services as well and can construct you a turn key building. See our latest works here.Full set of drawings are available for planning application. This design of the building is the intellectual property of New Tiny House Limited.

Total house size 12.70 m x 9.00 m. 

Load bearing timber frame/insulation: 195/200 mm. We offer different exterior finishing options: timber cladding/metal sheets/composite cladding/plaster

Roof cover: EPDM/slates

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