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Benefits of wooden house

All the structures that our company NEW TINY HOUSE supplies are wood based. We create unique designs and make them in eco friendly manner. Some people ask why we love wood and here is the most important list what made us fall in love with wood based structures.

- Exceptional insulator and energy saver. - Quick to build: saves money. - Environmentally friendly. - Aesthetically acrobatic. - Mechanical properties and working properties. - Safe, light, sturdy and durable. - Water resistant. - Healthy and natural. - Acoustically sound. - Rust be gone.

What we love the most about wooden buildings is the idea of sustainability and ecology. Wood is often considered to be the most sustainable building material within the construction industry. With a low embodied carbon footprint, it can be used to maximise a project's green credentials.

The process of manufacturing timber houses uses substantially less fossil fuel energy per unit volume than steel, concrete or aluminium. Since timber is a natural element, it is non - toxic and safe to handle.

Timber is the only truly renewable building material, grown and nurtured by the power of the sun and rain. If controlled in a responsible manner, timber is an environmentally sustainable resource that can be harvested without adversely affecting our environment.

Prefabricated timber frame, produced offsite, reduce the amount of waste, mounting in carried out faster, less timber is consumed.

We work with respect to nature!

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